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Intake Dates – 2020

TasCollege offers multiple intakes throughout the year for its vocational courses. Candidates may enter the course at any of the intakes, subject to entry requirements. Available intakes for 2020 are listed below. 




CoE Start Date


Diploma of Leadership & Management


Advanced Diploma of Leadership & Management


Graduate Certificate in Management (Learning)


Graduate Diploma of Management (Learning)

Intake 106/01/2020No Seats AvailableNo Seats AvailableApply NowApply Now
Intake 202/03/2020No Seats AvailableN/AApply NowApply Now
Intake 330/3/2020Limited – Enquire Now Limited – Enquire Now Apply NowApply Now
Intake 425/5/2020Limited – Enquire Now N/AApply NowApply Now
Intake 5 22/6/2020Apply NowApply NowApply NowApply Now
Intake 617/8/2020Apply NowN/AN/AApply Now
Intake 728/9/2020Apply NowApply NowApply NowApply Now
Intake 89/11/2020Apply NowN/AN/AN/A

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Download Intake and Academic Calendar

Intake and Academic Calendar includes important dates and events, including CoE Start and End Dates, Orientation Dates, Academic Schedules, Term Breaks and Public Holidays. Download the calendar below. 
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